Friday, April 19, 2013

Common Eccentric Habits of the Successful People

We commonly see "normal entrepreneurs" but sometimes it is nice to sit in to a conversation with someone eccentric, you know - weird. But, not in a bad way. There are many different ways that eccentric people work, and here is their story...

  • Shouting in employee meetings, or arguing - even when there is no need. But, what's the real idea? Extremely defending your beliefs and values and plans.
  • Confrontations - The need to call someone or an idea out. Defense of your company's ideas and business plans is how you can really keep people from messing it up. Also, some people need to hear your business plans, especially before they speculate. Of course, some simple communication is best.
  • Ruthlessness - The ability to have high standards, which is healthy. Mastery of skills can't be compromised. So, whenever somebody has something crazy to say about your business, you make the tall stance against them, because YOU ARE THE MAN (or WOMAN).
  • Isolation - I mean who likes to eat lunch alone? Or maybe, going to your office and thinking, instead of spreading your thoughts to your workmates or leaders.
  • Rejection - They want rejection so they can have people failing them more often. What does that mean? They simply can't stand getting everything right, but want extreme feedback so they can better their ideas or plans.
Now, I don't recommend anyone of these ideas, as this is for entertainment purposes. But, nonetheless, I hope you realize that this is indeed a typical way that eccentric people work when they're entrepreneurs.

Eccentric people are commonly the type of people that some bigwig business leaders want to deal with because of their intense dedication to business, and the fact that they can indeed get the job done. But, if you're not prepared for business correctly, then a lot of the tips above could make you or break you.

Don't be fooled by the attitudes of people, but when someone is passionate about something, truly deep inside that is, they will do everything they possibly can to defend that passion.

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