Monday, April 22, 2013

Telecommuting is still alive! Embrace it?

Some say telecommuting is the key to better job satisfaction, stress-free living, and higher supervisor ratings. However, is this still alive? Well of course. Would you embrace it?

Some experts speculate a better supervisor relationship can be in play with telecommuting, and thus may contribute to much better job satisfaction/security. With it growing big time over the past few years, it has shown to be a great contributor to keeping workers happy, lowering employer costs, and saving commute time!

But, how does this all work out? Well, the federal government likes the idea and is pushing for some of its employees to work remotely, mainly if disaster strikes. It was successful during Superstorm Sandy, so it proves to be a good idea in the end!

Many people have stated that being at work is too distracting, yet, on the other hand, people working at home say they can be distracted too. It depends on the situation, which is why I think that different companies should embrace the ability for both working in the office and at home.

There are many monitoring tools for employees available while working at home/remotely, and can be effective at managing (maybe better than a manager looking over their shoulder from time to time).

It also does provide a competitive force in the salary part of the deal, because if an employee fails to work at home successfully, their salary could drop or they could be fired. No problem.

What do you think about telecommuting? Embrace it, or not? Why or why not?

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