Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Part 1: Top Ideas to Help Market Your Products

Today, I'll be starting an article series, which you won't want to miss. Please make sure to share these articles (3 in total) with as many people as you can, personal and business. I'll be posting all three this week, so please stay tuned to the latest posts.

People everywhere have wondered around (literally) for years how to best market their products online in a robust, non-expensive way. I have, in fact, some methods to share with you today. I'll be sharing 5 with you every day. So, let's get started for today, part 1.

  1. Go on a guest posting frenzy. Ask top bloggers if you can do a guest post about marketing a specific product or service. This offers a great chance to market your product to hundreds of readers at one time. Even if you're trying to improve your own blog, guest posting on others blogs can help. I offer people to guest post here on my blog.
  2. Market in small stores or start a commission program. Many small stores, notably department, electronic, or hometown grocery stores typically allow people to market their product(s) in the store in a designated shelf space, usually in the front of the store or near the convenience spots of checkouts. You can get really good individual visibility, especially if you have a website that you can promote with your product.

    If that doesn't seem like down your alley, then a commission program with a commission management firm, such as Cleverbridge, Avangate, Commission Junction, or Digital River's OneNetworkDirect - or others, would help to boost sales by offering incentives or commission values (like 25% for example) so publishers/sellers can promote.
  3. Do something else than what the competition does. Do something out of the ordinary or out of the box. Don't limit your thinking, but rather come up with some ideas to market in other ways that your competitors aren't doing.
  4. Ask other entrepreneurs their opinions on simple marketing methods. Do some cold calls to entrepreneurs to ask about their marketing styles. You'll be glad you did!
  5. Get press attention. Do press releases and submit them to the mass media, as the mass media love young entrepreneurs with awesome ideas. If you can conjure up an awesome idea, then why not tell the world about it? Once again, you'll be glad you did!

I hope you're challenged by these first five marketing ideas for your products. Have any comments? Submit below, please. :)

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