Thursday, May 30, 2013

Part 3: Top Ideas to Help Market Your Products

This is the last day for our three day product marketing series. I hope the avid readers have enjoyed it. For those that haven't enjoyed it so far, be sure to check out part 1 and part 2.

Anyway, today, we'll finish up on the top ideas. We'll go through 11-15 of the top ideas.

This has been very exciting, so these last few should be good.

11.   Try pay-per-click advertising (PPC). It's a very inexpensive way to start your product marketing and if it doesn't work out, you don't have that much of a loss. What's really good about PPC is that a lot of people are searching and are hanging out on social networks. You can go with Google Adwords, which is the most popular. Or, try on Bing Advertising Network, Facebook Ads, or LinkedIn Ads. Twitter is starting to get into the ad market a lot more. Be sure to check out the programs and feel free to jump in and get involved.

12.   Try to get in to an industry publication. Contact different magazines, e-magazines, book authors, etc. who write about the products in your industry, and see if you can get a review of your product(s) in the publication. It's a great, simple way to supercharge the marketing. However, some fees may apply. ;)

13.   Spotlight different ways people use your products. See if you can blog about different customers uses of your products and try a few things out. People who know about experiences of the products seem to have more trust. Especially, if it's something that might blow up.

14.   Spotlight even further for your product by specials. Throw out occasional specials for your product(s). This is a good idea to make sure that people know you're thinking about them, their wallet, and you care about letting people try your product cheaply, so they don't feel ripped off for trying it but not liking it.

Of course, product guarantees, like 30 days or your money-back, are also good choices.

15.   Throw contests on your website to draw in visitors. People love contests, especially when they can win a cool product. If your product on the high end side? Does it cost a lot? Why not give it away in a contest to one or two winners? Engage people with doing contests. People love it!

If you think your product(s) are a bit low-cost to be able to put them in contests, then work with a different company (which you'll have to search for), to do a giveaway. Many times, other companies will sponsor such an event. Another great way to help out. :)

I hope, all in all, this series has been very beneficial to all of you who've read. Please feel free to comment at anytime, and let me know of questions, feedback, or other tips. Kudos!

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