Friday, May 10, 2013

Ways to keep your Ego in Check

As being a young entrepreneur, you might seem like the type that gets puffed up or a big head with every success moment you have. However, this can lead to disrespect of elder entrepreneurs, or can lead to a distaste people have for you.

As I talked about before, it is a good idea to have socially attractive humility - I identified 7 ways to not describe yourself. One of those identified was calling yourself "powerful", as this makes you sound like you have a big ego.

It's more appreciating to see a wonderful businessperson or employee have a calm manner, humble description of themselves, and overall excellent attitude. Again, be real, be yourself, and people will describe you for exactly who you are.

 So, what are ways to keep your ego in check, especially as a young entrepreneur? Let's explore...

  1. Beginning, know the difference between healthy and destructive egos. Egotism is not anything to be proud of, so there's a fine line between self-confidence and egotistical behavior. There's nothing wrong, yes, about personal accomplishments and having a sense of accomplishment - it's just when you use it to bloat yourself higher than other people (that you work with and in competitive companies/industries), you're being destructively egotistical. Also, don't forget to watch what you post on social media (people watch you everywhere).
  2. Leadership is important - know when to lead and when to follow. It's tough to collaborate with other people who don't think the way you do. It helps if others have a similar mindset, where you can improve communication, morale, etc. and actually get somewhere. However, we need to know that we're still learners (at any age), and there will always be somebody who is better or smarter. So, I guess it's best to think: if someone has an idea - "I should listen 100%" before my input goes in. It might help to read some leadership books or take a course in leadership.
  3. Might you dabble at volunteering from time to time? It's great to see entrepreneurs put in volunteer time, because it shows that they're humble enough to help other people without being paid. When you temporarily removing the restriction from yourself ("I must be paid for everything"), your attitude straightens up. Therefore, volunteering can change the values in your life, your company, and with the people that you help.
 It's important to have these values outlined here, and follow these tips. There are other values that you can accomplish when working in a startup. It's good also, to avoid overconfidence, as it can make a lot of people mad. So, watch your ego, and be cool! :)

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