Thursday, June 6, 2013

Deliver your Customers from Fear of Using your Products

Whether we like it or not, customers may be afraid to use products that are produced by your company. They may not like your product, may be afraid to buy because of recessional times, may think it's uncool, or just think it's not cool enough for them.

What can you do about consumer fear? Well, it needs delivered. Remove the fear by doing a few things to dispel it once and for all!

But first, let's identify common consumer fears. The most common/obvious are greed, fear of certain things (listed below), and logic problems. People are greedy and don't want to spend their money, rather hoarding it for themselves. Some just don't know what they're doing with their money.

But, let's get down to the other common ones here...

  • Fear of waste: consumers are afraid that if they put their investment dollars in the wrong pocket, they've just wasted money.
  • Fear of poverty: this is a great insecurity for people who've been in poverty in the past. People think that if they buy certain products, that it will be a tall sacrifice for their budget. Truthfully, they're just lying to themselves.
What can be done about these common fears?

Sadly, no matter how much you think people can change those above factors, they won't. So, you have to help them renew their mind about the situations.
  1. Be empathetic. Know that consumers probably have budget limits, if you're targeting a lower income gap. If you're targeting higher income gaps, then you may not have to be so lenient. In other words, try to "solve their pain" in some way.
  2. Create your own niche market. Make one product like another product, and sell them at similar prices and catered to what consumers know and love.
  3. Make their buying process fun. Many companies, particularly well-known companies know how to do this. They may create awesome commercials, awesome video campaigns where they show how cool the product is, or create a bunch of gear/items to ride along with the product. Some examples would be the Angry Birds video game for mobile/PC devices. Soon after the popularity of the game hit, stores were flooded with gear/items for that game - which doubled or tripled its popularity overnight. People will see how serious you are, when you make the buying process fun.
Any other ideas on how to make the buying process less fearsome, painful, and much more fun? Comment below.

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