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Your Program Guide for Crowdfunding Websites

This is YOUR exclusive Crowdfunding Website List, which is a list of the crowdfunding sites available. This list may be incomplete.

Special notes: To have your site added to this list, and/or want it reviewed, please email me. Same thing if you have any ideas about what should be added to this list. If you so desire as to not have your crowdfunding service listed, please contact me on email above.

If you like, read our views about crowdfunding and the latest trends.

If there are any questions, please post in the comments below.

Also note: getting involved in crowdfunding is at your own risk.

Project Crowdfunding (aimed at a variety of categories, see site for details)

1. Kickstarter

This crowdfunding extraordinaire company has held some of the biggest projects so far in crowdfunding history. They're biggest aim is to provide the avenue for anyone to get funding on a project basis only.

2. IndieGogo

This is another crowdfunding extraordinaire, whom has held very large projects on their site. They have less strict guidelines on projects, and allow you to raise money for causes, including charities.

3. InvestedIn

InvestedIn is a good platform for raising funds for projects and charities. In addition to that, their cover service is providing a platform for businesses and enterprises for crowdfunding.


This site is apparently run by Donald Trump and/or his associates, in order to allow Donald Trump to extend his philanthropic activity a lot further. You can post for a variety of projects to get crowdfunding!


This crowdfunding platform is the same as the one just above: an all-or-nothing style of fundraising aimed mostly at creative projects.

6. RocketHub

RocketHub is an excellent platform for raising funds for lots of creative projects.

7. GoFundMe

This is more of a donation type site, where anyone can back any project, based on set categories. There are no time constraints, and the site is more liberating for someone not wanting to deal with a bunch of deadlines, perks, etc.

Small Business, Entrepreneur, & Startup Business Crowdfunding

1. Fundable

This cool crowdfunding site is aimed more at startup businesses, and offer rewards-based and equity-based campaigns.

2. Fondomat

This crowdfunding company's aim is for entrepreneurs, mainly. It offers the ability, also, for a wide-variety of projects (similar to the few listed above in the first category). Don't be shocked when you get on the site, as the site supports the English, European, and Czech languages.

3. Headstart

Another one aimed at a variety of projects, especially in the small business market. It's just one tech company born out of Israel. Be aware some language is in Hebrew, even though I've linked to the English site.

4. RockThePost

This would be an investment site, where startup companies can raise up to $5 million USD in capital from accredited investors.

5. Sponsume

This service is great for a variety of entrepreneurial projects, also. It offers a variety of currencies to be used for each project, which helps the conversion process a bit easier (since the most popular ones don't offer help directly on this).

6. Bolstr

This service is US-based and states on their site the following: "Bolstr is a marketplace where people can invest in and support the local small businesses that make their communities home."

7. CircleUp

Another investing platform, where you can gather funds for your business.

8.  AngelList

This has always been a good investing platform, and allows accredited investors to take interest into your company.

9. GrowVC

Provides a global source of securities crowdfunding.

10. PeerBackers

Crowdfunding for entrepreneurial causes!

11. MicroVentures

A startup type investing crowdfunding website.

12. Wahooly

This is a social-network style crowdfunding website, where social-networkers come together and help launch startups. Look at bottom for startup submission button.

13. StartupValley

Another investing platform, where you can gather funds for your business.

14. SeedUps

 Another investing platform, where you can gather funds for your business.

Technology, Open & Closed Source Software Development Crowdfunding

1. FundaGeek

"Crowdfunding for innovation" is their slogan. They are a simple technology crowdfunding service.

2.  Catincan

This service allows people to raise money for open source projects. They're aims are funding new features for open source projects.

3. appsplit

Allows you to explain the purpose of apps and request funding for your app. Another good technology crowdfunding service.

4. appbackr

A wholesale marketplace or exchange for apps. A different approach to crowdfunding for technology, worth a check.

Musicians Crowdfunding


One of the best crowdfunding sites for musicians. The staff aims to help you launch your music.

2. Sell A Band

Aimed at helping musicians get funded and succeed. Another site dedicated to such.

3. SonicAngel

An awesome platform for supporting musicians through crowdfunding!

4. ArtistShare

Fans supporting musicians, a funding platform for musicians.

5. Feed the Muse

Helps to bridge the gap of funding for musicians, and helps them grow and establish a name for themselves.

Charitable/Community Crowdfunding

This site is dedicated to crowdfunding for community/charitable based needs.


This service was hard to categorize, because of their variety of categories available to post your project in, but they're very dedicated to community.

3. Fundly

Fundly is a service aimed at crowdfunding for charitable organizations, churches, clubs, community groups, politics, teams, and other specific causes.

4. FundRazr

Service is aimed at helping users put crowdfunding apps on their Facebook pages and website to help raise money for community, entrepreneurial, or political causes.

Educational and Scientific Research Crowdfunding


On their site: "Fund science & explore the world with renowned researchers." Another crowdfunding platform, except designed specifically for scientific researchers to post their project details and get backed!

2. CrowdFundEDU

This service allows people to ask for funds for school-based needs. Whether it's tuition, books, extracurricular activities, loans, etc.

3. Microryza

Yet another cool looking scientific project crowdfunding site! (The name is a mouthfull :o)

4. Funding4Learning

A great, new crowdfunding service aimed at education projects. Worth a check!

5. DonorsChoose

This site participates in crowdfunding for public schools!

Medical Issues Crowdfunding

1. Youcaring

This is a medical crowdfunding site, where you can post for issues after an accident, illness, or disease in hopes to get funding.

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